Ceci. 20. Bowlcutsexual. Emotionally slutty. Born & raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently living in Spain. Although this is a T&S blog, I make annoying posts about random shit from time to time. Sorry about that. I also make gifs and stuff.
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they'll say that we're crazy.

I think this gifset is appropriate since my blog is turning 1 today. Where did the time go? I met so many awesome people in here, I even got to meet two of you in real life. Joining Tumblr was one of the best decisions ever. To me, Tumblr is not just about notes or followers. It’s a let out. A lot of you have virtually hugged me and supported me when I’ve most needed it. You guys mean a lot to me. This is for you. Thanks. ♥ 

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