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Tegan: I want an ipad, a new kitchen table…I want new blinds…I need bedside tables. Uhmmm, I want this cat, which is a hybrid between a wild african cat and a domestic cat.


Sara: I just, I’m saying like I wasn’t exactly sure what to ask for like when it really came down to it. I never really, uhmm…well, this is gonna get a bit deep right now but, uhmm…

Tegan: You have everything you need.

Sara: I have everything I need and I also have a difficult time allowing other people to provide for me…both emotionally and monetarily. So, uhmm…I’m not sure what to tell my mom. *cries*. I’m just kidding. What I really wanted, what I really wanted for Christmas this year, which is different than my birthday, was to not have Christmas and…

Tegan: Fun, right?

Sara: I didn’t mean I don’t want to see my mom on the Holiday known as Christmas. I just didn’t want to like do all the things we’ve been doing for- well, in a week we’ll be 30 years…that I’ve been alive. I just was like, ‘let’s do something different!’. And this has been a number of years and finally my mom agreed. So I’m not gonna tell you where we’re gonna go because I have this weird feeling that you’ll all be there. Like we show up for Christmas and…’what are you doing here? This is the weirdest thing!’.


Maybe I’ll tell my mom that she already gave me birthday and christmas gifts by not making us have to…have Christmas this year. And instead we’re just gonna drink mojitos by a pool and play Scrabble and that’s amazing, so yeah…that’s where I’ll be.

Tegan: I also want a new coffee table…and to spend Christmas with Sara.

Audience: Awww.

Sara: hey! Tegan’s coming. Mojitos, Scrabble, she’s down with that shit.

Tegan: yeaaaah.